donderdag 4 april 2013

Crocheted Scarf for Queensday!

My Crocheted Scarf for Queensday is ready!

Unfortunately I had recently at the Sunday Market 

 in Amsterdam a bit too little wool purchased,
 no tassels unfortunately .....

The Dutch pattern of these stoles can be found

An English pattern you can find here:

  Red roses from the market!

There are still more stoles from me
 because if I start something,
 there will be no end to it .... lol 
I love the repetition ... 
and this pattern is nice and addictive, 
I can blindly do, 
without thinking ...

I love crocheting in the car, in the train, in the bus,
crocheting everywhere I can...

  On the pictures you see actually not the right color,
 because it is in fact  
a real beautiful warm orange color!
Greetings from Lindevrouw
Love to meet you here!!!

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