dinsdag 3 maart 2015

Crocheted Grocery Tote

Last Sunday i crocheted a Grocery Tote
Look at my personal Dutch blog

You can find this pattern at Purlbee

Happy Crocheting!
Love from lindevrouw

dinsdag 30 april 2013

Wooleater Cushion

For the birthday of my youngest daughter  April 29
I hooked this beautiful cushion in the color she wanted,
  according to the pattern of WoolEater Motif of 

Sarah London!

Last year I participated in her
  CAL (Crochet Along) WoolEater blanket,
but now she started again with a
Wool-Eater CAL Motif for 2013!

Just look at her blog!!!
in case you want to join in!

I was started a while ago,
 i had no wool in the same color anymore , 
it was unfinished the whole time
After a lot of searching between my stock bulbs wool,
I happily found one bullet in the same color!
  At the last minute I finished this cushion at Sunday,
 just before  my daughter's birthday.
I could not come to here without this pillow now.....
She is very happy with it!


Last year I translated this pattern in Dutch.
  At my blog you will find an extensive  

Under the page My Crochet Patterns,at the top of my blog,
  you can always find easily this pattern in dutch
The english pattern of this motif you can find here:

 The blanket in the background I made last year.
The motif is also nice for a potholder
I already made ​​a pillow of this pattern with different colors
It is truly a wonderfull addictive pattern!!

Greetings from Lindevrouw

donderdag 4 april 2013

Cover love...
An old pocket book with a crochet border                                             ietsiepietsiekitschie.blogspot.nl
Have a nice day,
Love, Ellen 

Crocheted Scarf for Queensday!

My Crocheted Scarf for Queensday is ready!

Unfortunately I had recently at the Sunday Market 

 in Amsterdam a bit too little wool purchased,
 no tassels unfortunately .....

The Dutch pattern of these stoles can be found

An English pattern you can find here:

  Red roses from the market!

There are still more stoles from me
 because if I start something,
 there will be no end to it .... lol 
I love the repetition ... 
and this pattern is nice and addictive, 
I can blindly do, 
without thinking ...

I love crocheting in the car, in the train, in the bus,
crocheting everywhere I can...

  On the pictures you see actually not the right color,
 because it is in fact  
a real beautiful warm orange color!
Greetings from Lindevrouw
Love to meet you here!!!

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Flower potholder

Finally another blogpost from me!
It's about time to show you one of my favourite crochet
of the last 2 weeks
The Flower Potholders!
I made it with 100% cotton 
You can find more at my blog Lindevrouwsweb
I have found also 2 links, where you can find the pattern
I find also a very nice idea
to make turkey coasters from this figure
If you love them too,
than you can find this pattern here

Have a nice week
And a lot of fun with crochet
love from Lindevrouw

maandag 29 oktober 2012

Cupcakes and Tea Cosy Warmer

Do you love Cupcakes?
I love the colors!
And I love to make them!
 Here a very nice Tea cosy warmer!
very lovely to make one for your self!

Look at my own blogpost
Love from Lindevrouw